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Tinkle Origin Hardcover - Single Volume

Tinkle Origin Hardcover - Single Volume

Tinkle origins is a fun set of books to read with colorful characters that fire our imagination. Ordering single volume is a good way to see if this is for you.


Volume 1: 

In this volume, fly around the world on the wings of exciting folktales and legends. Follow Kalia around the Big Baan forest as he saves his friends from evil predators. Laugh at the foolish king who thought he managed to stop a river. Take sides in an argument between the sun and the wind.


Volume 2:

 Spend some time learning Nasruddin Hodja’s notorious tricks, chuckle at Jack the simpleton’s foolishness and discover how to outwit a mighty demon—this volume is chock-full of everything you’ve always loved about Tinkle.


Vollume 3:

 In this volume, laugh out loud at the antics of two village simpletons as they try to outwit each other. Then, pack your bags for a journey to the Big Baan forest with Kalia the Crow and his friends and foes. Take a trip through the fascinating animal world as you learn about tigers, ostriches, mosquitoes and other wildlife.


Volume 4:

In this volume discover the honesty of Punyakoti, the cow and the generosity of Hulia, the tiger, in a folktale from Karnataka. Get your mind boggled with Tinkle Tricks and Treats. Learn new facts and be entertained with stories, features and puzzles.


Volume 5:

n this volume, discover the beginning of painless surgery. And find out how the greedy shethji lost one lakh rupees to the beggar’s luck. Dive into deep seas to find out more about the Pearl Oyster. Learn how to make your own Kite, how it flies and so much more.


Volume 6:

In this volume, read about the bravery of a young girl and how she saves the village from a fire in the Bull Fighter. Be amused with the antics of Tinkle’s beloved goof in the Adventures of Suppandi. Discover the secret of the Three Good-luck Charms and find out if a young monk will survive his rendezvous with a sorceress. Meet the Quetzal and visit the Village of Fools for facts, fun and entertainment.


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