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Unique, Intricate & Bespoke  

At RivazForZen, we offer curated gift boxes containing handmade products created by Independent artists. The products we sell are exclusively made for RivazForZen and are only available in limited quantities. We bring new products to you every month. We also offer personalized products and artist led classes for your events.

Go ahead get some Zen!

Kids Room Decor

Diya Holder and Kumkum Plates

Add color and shine to your Diwali decoration with our handmade Kumkum decor plates and Diya/tealight holders. These products are an essential part of the celebrations and can be reused for other festivities around the year. 
These were handcrafted by our Artist Aditi from Gujarat, India. 
Find these essentials in our Diwali themed gift boxes.


Industrial Clock by Fatema

The beautiful desk clock perfect to add charm to any home office are made from wood and concrete. Our artist Fatema creates many such artistic wonders from poured concrete. You can buy this as part of our Signature Zen Box.


Hand Embroidered Cotton Mask by Rupal

These cotton masks provide comfort, style and are perfect for everyday wear. The patterns on the masks have been hand-embroidered and are one of a kind. 
These have been designed and handmade by our artist Rupal from Jaipur, Rajasthan


Flower Jali by Jharkhand Artist Group

Metal cut flower Jalis are used to extend the life of fresh cut flowers and help add interest to your home decor. These and many other metallic creations are made by a group of artists from Jharkhand, India.


Fabric Bound Journals from Ahmedabad

These cloth bound diaries have been handmade using upcycled cloth and recycled paper. This eco-friendly diary is a must have for everyday notetaking or journaling. In a variety of pretty prints it's a delight to carry everywhere.

Untitled design (5).png

Cloth Bound Keychain and Bookmark

The bookmarks and keychains are handmade using upcycled cloth and recycled paper. The keychains have a mini notepad attached to it, making it perfect for quick note taking anywhere.

Untitled design (6).png
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