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Rivaz 101 Zen-Box

Rivaz 101 Zen-Box

You cannot miss out on this Deal! Our 101 box comes loaded with our signature handmade products, and at this price it is a steal! 
This is fun sampler intro box for yourself, friends or family. With the two different types of mask, the journal and so much more. This box gives you an idea of the quality and love that is poured into these products. We believe when you see and feel these prodcuts you would absolutely would agree how handmade just feels better. 
In our Rivaz 101 Zen-Box, you will find (QTY 6 /Value $84):
One journal with metallic clasp, this made from up-cycled cloth and recycled paper.
One hand embroidered masks.
One festive block print mask.
One hand crafted bookmark made of up-cycled cloth.
One keychain notepad in Indian block print.
One logo tote bag, so you can be eco-friendly in style.
This box comes with an assortment of handmade products that have been custom made for RivazForZen by artists from different parts of world.
We support artist by providing them an ecosystem to thrive. Read our about the artist/product page to learn more about the artist
*Prints may vary.
*Please refer to the description for content and quantity, as the pictures listed above are for highligting product detail
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